Our Story

    Suhani is truly an inspiration for all teenage girls and their determined mums. She inherited her creative genes from her mum (& masi), and the business acumen from dad. This deadly combination kicked in as soon as she entered her teens in 2020.

    It was the year of the deadly covid pandemic, her dad had lost his job so he was very anxious (just like the rest of the world) and Suhani was stuck at home all day with her annoying siblings. When she heard Lewisham hospital staff were facing shortages and desperately needed more face masks, she made over 200 masks at home and sent them to the hospital with a local nurse who lived in the neighbourhood.

    Her craftsmanship and creativity didn't end there, she started designing personalised items for family members and friends, as gifts for occasions and festive celebrations. Suhani's drive, initiative & passion inspired her mom, Mona, to list the creations on her Etsy account. This mom and daughter duo worked so hard for a year just to build up their presence on Etsy and list a few items. By the end of 2020, dad had found another job and the world slowly started opening up again. Some normality was restored and Suhani successfully sold a few small items on Etsy.

    At the turn of the year in early 2021, despite a few failed attempts earlier, the entrepreneurial duo decided they weren't going to let dad, Ravi, off the hook this time. He was dragged back into his home office to put his web designing and programming skills to good use. This is when Shopify came to his rescue, where he was quickly able to build a small online website for Mona & Suhani, without having to spend a fortune. The terrific trio then decided to register their business as a limited company and also further extend their product range.

    And so Suhani Gifts Limited is born as a small family owned business venture, to please our creative & entrepreneurial teenage daughter who puts so much love & care in every gift item we create.

    With support from several online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Shopify & Etsy, Suhanigifts.com is just over a year old and has successfully delivered over 15000 orders for nearly 9000 happy customers across the UK, USA & Canada

    We remain grateful for all the support we receive from all of you in our community.

    Please visit our website Suhanigifts.com, where we now provide over 2000 unique and personalised novelty gift ideas for birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, christening, house warming and seasonal occasions like easter, eid, diwali, rakhi, rakshabandhan, christmas & more.